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INFINITY ZEN SPA is a unique oil created specifically for Kobido facial massage. It spreads very well on the skin and does not leave a greasy film. The innovative balance between the speed at which the oil absorbs into the skin and the glide left on the skin makes it easy to perform a massage with the Kobido technique.

Clear Composition

  • Vegan formulation and ethical solutions
  • No animal-derived raw materials
  • Approved by the international organization PETA

Dyfuzor Zapachowy Treasure 180ml

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Elegant fragrance diffuser that will decorate any office or home room. The fragrance was inspired by French perfumes and selected with incredible precision to delight with its delicate aroma for weeks. The packaging of the diffuser is a perfect and elegant combination of glass flacon and wood, which will fit into any interior.

Golden Care Elixir Glamour Face&Neck Oil Yokaba...

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Golden Care Elixir

is a unique oil for face and neck care. It is a luxurious product created for comprehensive skin care, based on a Vegan formula. Its unique formula, based on 95.6% naturally derived ingredients, makes it perfect for daily care.

Clear Composition

Vegan formulation and ethical solutions, without raw materials of animal origin, approved by the international organization PETA.

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Moisturizing body, hand and foot butter with sensual orange fragrance

Vegan formula, based on 99.7% ingredients of natural origin. It's excellent skin care, but also an unforgettable experience for the senses.


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Orange scented lip balm

Vegan formula based on 82% naturally derived ingredients.

Nurtures and intensely moisturizes lips without leaving a sticky feeling on the surface of the lips.