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NOBLE - a hybrid that covers from the first layer

NOBLE is a professional and vegan UV/LED hybrid polish, highly pigmented. The consistency of the varnish works great for salon work, covering the nail from the first layer. It does not chip or peel off. Works very well with the nail coating.

Clear composition

Vegan formulation and ethical solutions, without raw materials of animal origin, confirmed by the international organization PETA.

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INFINITY ZEN SPA is a unique oil created specifically for Kobido facial massage. It spreads very well on the skin and does not leave a greasy film. The innovative balance between the speed at which the oil absorbs into the skin and the glide left on the skin makes it easy to perform a massage with the Kobido technique.

Clear Composition

  • Vegan formulation and ethical solutions
  • No animal-derived raw materials
  • Approved by the international organization PETA

CUTTER 15 - Stone Teardrop - 10 mm

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Cut cone-shaped stone cutter

A stone cutter in the shape of a truncated cone designed for pushing back/removing cuticles. It is ideal for working out cuticles at the peri-nail shafts.

Golden Care Elixir Glamour Face&Neck Oil Yokaba...

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Golden Care Elixir

is a unique oil for face and neck care. It is a luxurious product created for comprehensive skin care, based on a Vegan formula. Its unique formula, based on 95.6% naturally derived ingredients, makes it perfect for daily care.

Clear Composition

Vegan formulation and ethical solutions, without raw materials of animal origin, approved by the international organization PETA.

Holiday Set 7 - Infinity Season Butter + NAIL...

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Give a loved one a moment of relaxation and indulgence

The amazing fragrance notes of the creamy body and hand scrub and the nurturing massage candle with the scent of orange and clove will bring a feeling of serenity.

Yokaba Infinity Zen Spa Vegan Face Massage Oil...

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Discover magical notes of freshness in our Christmas set, which focuses on the scent of orange to add an unforgettable charm to your holidays. This kit, packaged in a beautiful gold pouch, contains two products that restore energy and care for both the body, hands and face. Get to know them better!