Let your skin taste the citrus pleasure!

Orange-scented body oil.

Orange scented body oil is the perfect way to nurture your skin every day and add a touch of freshness and energy.

Orange scent: Our oil is a true explosion of freshness! The orange scent lingers on the skin for a long time, leaving you feeling relaxed all day long.

Rich in natural ingredients: the base of the product is almond oil. It contains orange oil, which is known for its toning and antioxidant effects. Argan oil, known as the "liquid gold of Morocco," is full of fatty acids that help moisturize and plump the skin. Sweet orange oil is a source of vitamin C, which helps brighten and refresh the skin.

Multifunctional: Our oil will work great as part of your daily body care routine, but also as a perfect finish to your manicure treatment. You can apply it to your cuticles, hands, face, and décolleté.

You will love this body oil:.

  • Moisturizes and nourishes the skin:
  • Leaves it soft and silky smooth.
  • The scent of orange is a natural energy booster that will boost your mood.
  • The scent of orange is a natural energy booster that will boost your mood.
  • The active ingredients help keep your skin looking young and eliminate signs of fatigue.

Active ingredients:

Argan oil - is characterized by a high number of natural antioxidants, protecting our body from free radicals, contains linoleic acid (35%), or vitamin F, which acts anti-inflammatory, increases resistance to infection, contains plant sterols, which have a restorative and regenerative effect. The oil deeply moisturizes and firms the skin giving it a unique shade, has an anti-aging effect, prevents the appearance of discoloration and cracked capillaries.

Sweet orange oil - has a regenerative and firming effect, has a relaxing effect, acts anti-inflammatory, bacteriostatic, and at the same time toning and astringent.

Pamper your skin and immerse yourself in the juicy scent of orange with our body oil. It hides a great power of pleasure!"


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Przecudowna oliwka! Stosuje do całego ciała. Skóra jest po niej gładka i nawilżona ale zupełnie nie tłusta! Do tego soczysty zapach ❤️ Bardzo polecam!!


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