Innovative EasyAcrylGel formula

Innovative EasyAcrylGel formula combines the durability of acrylic with the ease of gel application. The consistency is perfectly thick and allows for comfortable styling. EasyAcrylGel does not freeze during work, does not run off and does not flood the cuticles, extending nails with it is easy and pleasant.

Product is 100% vegan.


  • does not freeze, you have unlimited working time
  • does not flood the cuticles and does not run off, has a very thick consistency so you will be comfortable working with it
  • easy to work on, fast and convenient - just a gentle pressure of the file!
  • you can create any shape with it! It does not self-level
  • with nothing inferior to classic acrylic in durability


  • Remover soluble: no
  • Removable with milling machine: yes
  • Dispersion layer: yes
  • Consistency: very thick
  • Level of coverage: from 1 coat
  • Application: nail extension, correction, overbuilding of natural nail plate
  • Color: opaque pink

Application Features

Method of use:

  1. Wash and disinfect your and the client's hands.
  2. Conduct an interview and assessment of the client's nail condition, if there are no contraindications to the procedure, proceed to the preparation of the nails.
  3. Remove cuticles with a pick/stick or work them out with a cutter.
  4. Use a 180/240 gradation file to work out the free edge of the nail
  5. Use a Yokaba Mini Matting File with a 100/180 gradation to thoroughly mat the nail plate.
  6. Remove the dust from the nail.
  7. With a cotton swab soaked in Xprep Dehydrator, thoroughly degrease the nail plate.
  8. Apply a primer (First Bond- Primer Acid, First Bond-Primer Non-Acid, First Bond- XBond) adequate to the needs of the nail plate.
  9. Before applying the first layer of base coat, wait a minimum of 30 seconds.
  10. Apply a small drop of Vision Base Coat to each nail and using a dry, clean gel brush rub into the nail plate, Cure 60s in a Yokaba 84W lamp.
  11. Place the nail extension form, using a spatula, apply the appropriate amount of acrylic gel adapted to the length of the natural nail. Use a brush soaked in Prime Cleaner to form the shape of the nail. Cure 90s in a UV/LED 90s lamp.
  12. Wipe off the dispersion layer with Prime Cleaner then buff the nail surface with a file and mini mattifying file.
  13. You can finish the styling by applying a hybrid with color and a top of your choice, cure in a UV/LED 99s lamp. If you want a "natural look" nails, that is, you do not use a color hybrid, protect the manicure with Vision Top Coat.
  14. Apply the oil of your choice to your cuticles (Multioil or Royal oil) and rub in. Massage the cream, butter or perform a hand massage with a candle, according to the needs of the skin.


Aliphatic Urethane Acrylate, Acrylic Copolymer, Pentaerythrityl Tetraacrylate/ Pentaerythrityl Triacrylate, Benzoyl Isopropanol, Methyl Benzoylformate, P-Hydroxyanisole, Hydroquinone

Product capacity:

03 CAMOUFLAGE PINK EasyAcrylGel UV/LED 50 ml.

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