• original design
  • large size
  • possibility to create beautiful nails for any occasion

How to use

Wash the plate with Plate Cleaner or acetone-free remover, then make a horizontal line on the selected design with Moyra Stamping polish and drag it through the selected design with the scraper. Hold the stamp perpendicular to the plate and press down dynamically. Do not keep the stamp on the plate for a long time. Apply the imprinted stamp to the nail and press down to transfer the design. Secure the design on the nail with Top Moyra polish.

Application tips

  • after removing the protective film, delicate scratches may appear on the plate, which do not affect the quality of the reflected designs
  • the plate should be cleaned with Moyra Plate Cleaner or
  • after removing the protective film before the first use, the plate should be cleaned 3 times, before each subsequent use a minimum of 1 time
  • do not wash the plate with acetone


Autumn and Halloween motif

Product capacity

14.5 cm x 9.5 cm


Data sheet


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